Solder Flux Removal Features:

  • Surface preparation for soldering and welding;
  • Spot cleaning can be automated to avoid problem areas;
  • Cleans solder flux, particles, and light oils;
  • Solvent free process that is safe for workers.

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CO2 spray cleaning specializes in solder flux removal and cleaning for various electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Cool Clean’s CO2 cleaning solutions quickly and effectively deflux and remove particles, light oils, and other board assembly residues.

CO2 cleaning is utilized prior to the soldering process and during the building of electronic circuits. Unlike water-based cleaning, which opens up risk for damaging the electronic wires or assemblies, CO2 spray cleaning uses gentle CO2 crystals to quickly remove the flux. Our no-touch cleaning technology can be used manually, as well as integrated into automated cleaning systems. Test our no-touch CO2 cleaning technology on your challenging application!