Residue Removal Features:

  • Removes oil/thin film/grime/mold release agents;
  • Hands-free cleaning;
  • Preps surfaces for coating and bonding;
  • Cleans welds;
  • Fingerprint removal;
  • Combined with additives to enhance cleaning performance;

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Residue removal is enhanced using CO2 spray cleaning combined with selective additives. These additives can vary from de-ionized water to solvents, such as Isopropyl Alcohol and Acetone. Cool Clean combines precise quantities of specific additives in the CO2 spray to generate an optimally tuned cleaning solution for residues such as:

  • Oils;
  • Thin Films;
  • Fingerprints;
  • Mold Release Agents;
  • Adhesives;
  • Weld Soot;
  • Solder Flux.

The result is still a dry, cleaning spray, as the amounts of additive are in such minimal quantities that the additive is carried away with the CO2 during sublimation. Typical additive concentrations are less than 2000 ppm the mass of the cleaning spray. CO2 cleaning with additive is very effective at residue removal and completely harmless to the surface, as the CO2 is softened with the combined additive, making the crystals less impactful. CO2 cleaning spray can be installed for in-line cleaning, island stations, or automated cleaning applications to provide an effective, no-touch residue removal cleaning system. Cool Clean’s team of experts will help in selecting the appropriate cleaning solution for your application.