The most reliable surface cleaning technology for painting, coating, assembly, bonding, and welding.

Traditional surface preparation and pre-treatment cleaning options fall short when compared with Omega™ FLEX CO2 spray cleaning.

  • Aqueous and power wash cleaning systems – require a large footprint and significant energy usage for drying.
  • Manual solvent hand wiping – require labor force and lack consistency.
  • Air knives or blower systems – produce no mechanical energy to achieve acceptable cleaning results.

Compare OmegaFLEX CO2 spray cleaning with other surface preparation processes – and see at a glance why Omega™ FLEX is the new standard.

Omega™ FLEX Highlights:

  • Robust Interface with Robot
  • Widest Spray Cleaning Coverage
  • Instant On / Off Spray Response
  • Single CO2 Supply Line
  • Quickly Removes Surface Residues
  • Multiple Spray Applicator Options
  • Less Energy, Footprint, Costs!

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The Omega™ FLEX CO2 spray cleaning solution is the latest development in Cool Clean’s extensive CO2 cleaning portfolio. Much like our current Omega™ offerings, the Omega™ FLEX incorporates liquid CO2 to generate a non-condensing spray to clean various parts and surfaces. The key difference is that the Omega™ FLEX uses a new advanced delivery method for the CO2 and compressed air propellant that requires only a single hose assembly. The improved delivery allows our customers flexibility during installation and operation of the equipment. Most importantly, the simplified delivery allows our customers the ability to switch on and off the CO2 and propellant instantly, lowering overall CO2 consumption.

The Omega™ FLEX is robust and functions seamlessly with robotics. Offering the widest CO2 spray cleaning coverage available, with configurations that cover up to 28 inches (711 mm), the Omega™ FLEX is an impressive engineered system that provides our customers the most efficient solution on the market.

Originally designed to clean large surfaces, the Omega™ FLEX also features multiple configurations of spray applicators to adapt to all cleaning applications, including smaller, precision components. The Omega™ FLEX cleans parts from every angle and is capable of cleaning dust, debris, and light oils from plastic, metal or glass parts.

The Omega™ FLEX CO2 spray cleaning system is revolutionizing surface preparation prior to painting, coating, varnishing, bonding, or welding. Applied to existing robotics or new paintlines, the Omega™ FLEX seamlessly meets all cleaning expectations. Cool Clean’s special end effector mounts to any automation and features only one hose assembly containing both the compressed air and CO2 supply. The robotic dress kit moves with the automation seamlessly, while protecting against damage.

Traditional surface preparation and pre-treatment technologies fail where the Omega™ FLEX shines. Aqueous and powerwash cleaning systems require a large footprint and significant energy usage for drying. Solvent hand wipe operations are manual and lack consistency. Lastly, air knives or blower systems produce no mechanical energy to achieve acceptable cleaning results. That’s where CO2 spray cleaning comes in.

CO2 spray cleaning with the Omega™ FLEX, however, requires a small footprint, minimal energy input, is easily automated to generate repeatable results. The Omega™ FLEX delivers powerful cleaning energy resulting in lower scrap rates and operating costs. Implementing the Omega™ FLEX will reduce the footprint of your cleaning operation, save on labor costs, and lower your energy consumption, overall improving your bottom line!

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