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Cool Clean Technologies equipment to clean and deactivate the coronavirus (COVID-19) N95 respirator masks.

Health professionals and first responders are in dire need of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as N95 respirator masks while working with coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. Cool Clean Technologies is close to offering a possible solution to the mask shortage. The Twin Cities-based company is optimizing its current Enertia™ liquid CO2 process for the purpose of cleaning and disinfecting N95 respirator masks so they can be reused safely.

Cool Clean Technologies Offers Process to Clean and Sanitize N95 Respirator Masks
Cool Clean Technologies has partnered with a national team to help optimize its Enertia™ liquid CO2 process for the purpose of cleaning N95 respirator masks. The team consists of global experts and leaders from the University of South Carolina and Clemson Colleges of Public Health, Biomedical & Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Pharmacy. Cool Clean’s CO2 cleaning process has been proven to kill vegetative bacteria (which experts say is more resistant than COVID-19) by the Section of Microbial Research of the Japan Food Research Laboratory.

N95 Respirator Mask used for Testing

Third-party data confirms Cool Clean’s cleaning and sanitizing process does not compromise N95 respirator masks
Independent third-party data conducted by air-filtration laboratory experts from the University of South Carolina has confirmed that Cool Clean’s liquid CO2 process can clean and sanitize N95 respirator masks without significantly affecting the fit of the mask or filtration ability (i.e., Cool Clean’s combination of special additive and dense-phase CO2 does not impact the respirator mask’s ability to filter and trap small particles). Additionally, Cool Clean Technologies does not use any hazardous solvents or chemicals in the process that could leave unsafe residual levels in the mask. Therefore, the process is determined to be safe for the user.

Next step to begin cleaning and disinfecting N95 respirator masks: Emergency Use Authorization
The above-mentioned are three of the four criteria required for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to consider approval of an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The fourth criterion is demonstrating that the Cool Clean Technologies process can deactivate the coronavirus COVID-19. Based on historical and relevant third-party data, the company is confident they can demonstrate its efficacy.

Cool Clean Technologies is currently seeking an appropriate lab to conduct this testing. If you are a state or commercial lab qualified to conduct this testing, please contact Jon Wikstrom via email

Cool Clean’s Enertia™ liquid CO2 process can clean and sanitize up to 50,000 N95 masks daily

Cleaning vessel holding a sample of masks in filter bags. Each machine can clean up to 10,000 N95 respirator masks per day.

When Cool Clean’s Enertia™ liquid CO2 process is approved for the purpose of cleaning and sanitizing N95 respirator masks, the company will have the capability and capacity in its Minnesota facility to quickly deactivate the coronavirus (COVID-19) in up to 50,000 respirator masks per day (up to 10,000 per machine). These N95 respirator masks will then be returned to healthcare professionals and first responders for safe reuse.

How does Cool Clean Technologies’ process clean and disinfect N95 respirator masks?
The following illustrates how the Cool Clean Technologies Enertia™ liquid CO2 process works and how it is being used to clean and disinfect N95 respirator masks.

Partnering with Minneapolis Fire to collect N95 respirator masks for testing
Cool Clean Technologies is currently collecting respirator masks with the Minneapolis Fire Department, which is taking the lead with Hennepin County emergency medical services and hospitals as well as its own fire stations. To conduct the COVID-19-deactivation test, the company prefers N95 respirator masks that have only been used once (as intended).

Additionally, Cool Clean Technologies is working with a global leader in medical waste to leverage its systems and logistics for efficient collection. In anticipation that this program will grow to a broader scale, Cool Clean Technologies is rapidly developing plans to expand equipment production.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a fluid situation, please visit Cool Clean Technologies for future updates. Please contact Jon Wikstrom via email at for additional information.