Liquid CO2, or LCO2, is an excellent cleaner for precision devices with tiny crevices and complex geometries. Traditional methods for cleaning these devices used aqueous, or water-based, solutions and a mixture of solvents. The problem with using these cleaning methods are that the complex surface of the device can trap contaminants and water that are difficult to expunge. Liquid CO2, on the other hand, has an extremely low viscosity enabling it to move freely in and out of crevices and over surfaces without leaving behind any residue. This provides strong cleaning capability while eliminating the need for a post cleaning process.

All of the remaining liquid CO2 left on the part will evaporate leaving the part dry and clean. The process is environmentally friendly and cleans without producing waste. CO2 is recaptured and reused for further cleaning cycles.

When CO2 is under a certain amount of pressure, it can be kept in a liquid state. Liquid CO2 cleaning removes contaminants such as machining oils, by bonding with the particle. The CO2 bonds and pulls the contaminants out to removes them.

Cool Clean developed the Enertia™ centrifugal immersion CO2 cleaning system to utilize the LCO2 cleaning process. Results have been seen in parts requiring a high degree of cleanliness.

  • Enertia Liquid CO2 Cleaning Wash Vessel