LCO2 Sterilization Features:

  • Employs state-of-the-art sterilizing and recycling technologies;
  • Liquid carbon dioxide is used to transport the sterilant;
  • Non-toxic sterilizing agents;
  • Short sterilization process;
  • Reaction takes place inside breather bag;
  • Environmentally safe and performance-effective alternative to EtO;
  • No environmental permits or special facilities to operate.

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Medical Garments and PPE for Hospital Use 

Cool Clean Technologies Provides a New Standard for Sterilization

Versatile, Effective Sterilization Solution for Various Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Garments

State-of-the-art technology meets environmentally friendly in the Cool Clean LCO2 sterilization system. Unlike traditional sterilization methods (~90% of the market uses Ethylene Oxide (EtO) or 60Cobalt based Gamma radiation for their sterilization process), LCO2 sterilizes in a sustainable and healthy manner. The odor-free liquid CO2 sterilization method is compatible with sensitive new medical device products.

There are significant economic advantages that Cool Clean Technologies provides using liquid carbon dioxide technology, including short cycle times, a cool 45° F operating temperature, less machine maintenance, and uses non-radiation based technologies throughout the sterilization process. The Cool Clean LCO2 sterilization system can be placed almost anywhere, since there are no zoning restrictions or environmental regulations associated with non-toxic CO2. Additionally, there are no problems with ground water contamination, waste disposal, or regulatory paperwork. Best of all, your customers will experience superior quality while knowing the process is environmentally friendly.

CCT’s LCO2 sterilization System is a complete liquid CO2 cleaning system that includes both sterilizing and recycling in a single compact unit. High purity stainless steel module is available as a front-loading tumbler with semi-automatic closures. Integrated CO2 recycling and purification system provides fast continuous and energy-efficient sterilization. PLC process control with a graphical user interface are standard features, as are easy to load stainless steel parts baskets. The LCO2 system offers these and many more benefits over traditional sterilization methods.

LCO2 Sterilization Basket and Machine

When comparing to the harsh environmental impacts, high energy usage, pricing, industry volatility, and processing time for of other forms of sterility, our sterile CO2 process is more sustainable and faster.