Cool Clean Technologies is the pioneer in designing and manufacturing recycled CO2 based dry cleaning systems for the garment cleaning industry. Over time our environmentally friendly dry cleaning systems have cleaned over 20 million pounds of assorted garments. Our CO2 cleaning systems have the largest amount of distillation and functionality available on the market. Cleaning with recycled CO2 is the leading accepted environmentally friendly approach. There are two different machines, the GFX-35 and GFX-55 to address all your dry cleaning and garment care needs.

GFX-35 Garment Cleaning Machine

The GFX 35 is an innovative, closed loop CO2 dry cleaning system enhanced to maximize cleaning performance. This carbon dioxide cleaning system has many advantages over conventional solvent cleaning processes as follows:

  1. Short process cycle times with thorough drying.
  2. No heat used in the drying process protects delicate fabrics and prevents shrinkage.
  3. The closed loop process allows for the CO2 to be filtered, recycled within our self-contained cleaning unit, thus reducing the amount of replenishment fluids.
  4. No wastewater generated.
  5. Optional filtration systems for removal of insoluble materials.
  6. Proven and patented, pumpless CO2 transfer system improves machine reliability and minimizes maintenance costs.
  7. Machine Internet connection through VPN router for secure remote diagnostics.

Key Markets

  • Commercial Garment Care
  • Clean Room Garment Care
  • Biohazard Garment Care
  • Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Mitigation


GFX-55 Garment Cleaning Machine

State-of-the-art technology meets environmentally friendly initiatives in the GFX-55 CO2 garment cleaning machine. Significant economic advantages from short cycle times, a cool 65° F operating temperature, less machine maintenance and double the equipment life of traditional dry cleaning machines are experienced with the GFX-55 dry cleaning process.

The GFX-55 can be used almost anywhere, since there are no zoning restrictions or environmental regulations associated with non-toxic CO2. Additionally, you won’t encounter problems with ground water contamination, waste disposal or regulatory paperwork. Unlike traditional dry cleaning solvents, CO2 is safe and it does not harm the environment.

The odor-free CO2 cleaning process causes less wear on fabric and provides brighter colors than traditional dry cleaning, prolonging garment life by more than 40%; which is very important relative to uniforms and clean-room garments. In addition, there is no cleaning risk on specialty items such as leathers, furs, sequins or buttons.

Best of all, when you clean your clothes in CO2, you’ll feel great about providing a service that is both environmentally responsible and highly profitable!

GFX-55 Garment Cleaning Machine Features:

  • Short 30–40 Minute Cycle Time
  • Cool 65° F Operating Temperature
  • Simple One-Button Operation
  • Patented Compressor Driven Process
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction
  • Vacuum-Insulated Working Tank for Maximum Thermal Efficiency
  • Large 20 cu. ft. Drum