The Enertia™ centrifugal immersion CO2 cleaning system is a batch cleaning process utilizing recycled CO2 to remove assembly contamination. Removing this undesirable contamination can be difficult due to product geometry or size. The Enertia™ system is capable of cleaning complex part geometries free from oils, dust, and chips.

Enertia™ is efficient in cleaning

Liquid CO2 cleaning is a non-hazardous alternative to solvent washes, ultrasonic baths, and other aqueous solutions. With our patented centrifugal shear process, contamination is rapidly stripped away. Liquid CO2 is a pure, clean solutions that has a near-zero viscosity allowing it to penetrate the smallest crevices bringing cleaning power where it’s needed most.

Enertia Liquid CO2 Cleaning Wash Vessel

We have models readily available with small vessel size (approximately 18″ DIA) as shown in the image and vessels as large as 200 gallons or considerably larger if necessary.

On-board CO2 distillation recycles nearly 100% of the CO2, while separating full concentration oils for reuse after filtering out solids.

CO2 cleaning requires no special permits even from the SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) or EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) because it’s non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally neutral.

Examples of CO2 Cleaning Applications and Benefits for the Enertia™

  • Precision cleaning and oil recovery from complex and miniature machined components such as crystals, micro electronic circuit boards, medical components and many more.
  • Scouring medical components, to remove processing oils, destroying biologicals and other hazardous contaminants.
  • Enertia offers an efficacious, cost effective and environmentally safe way of precision cleaning