The electronics and data storage industries have seen a dramatic increase in technological advances. Electronics are becoming more complex and everything revolving around storage is moving to the cloud. The problem is that all of these changes cause problems and the durability of the equipment is questioned. Particularly there are problems in cleaning. Since the electronics cannot be cleaned using any liquid solutions, manufacturers have accepted CO2 spray cleaning as a viable alternative. CO2 particles, or snow, are sprayed around the electronics without damaging the components. Especially effective in particle removal down to 0.3 microns.

During manufacturing of electronic circuits, solder flux can build up. If the flux is not removed, it can greatly affect the life and performance of the device. Solder flux removal with our CO2 spray cleaning improves the cleaning process without the need to handle the part.

Motor hub assemblies of Hard Disk Drives must remain very clean and precise. After the laser welding process, sub-micron soot contaminates the assembly. Soot removal using an automated CO2 cleaning solution allows for the components to be cleaned in-tool without damaging the delicate components.

Cool Clean has numerous machines implemented to clean Hard Disk Drives all across South East Asia. Our CO2 cleaning systems work great for this industry due to our ability to clean without the use of water or solvents. Cleaning of HDDs must be dry and precise otherwise it can damage the delicate components.

Cool Clean also specializes in individual HDD component cleaning. CO2 cleaning can remove small particles, dust, and light oils from the surface of electronic components without effecting the other parts. No post drying or wiping is needed.

Electronics & HDDs may have difficult to reach areas or blind holes. Particles not visible on the surface will cause defects if not removed. Automating the CO2 cleaning process for spot cleaning involves sending a blast of CO2 directly into the blind hole removing the contamination, while leaving behind no trace residue. The process is dry, essentially having the CO2 evaporate from the part when finished.

Automated CO2 Cleaning for Multiple Electronics and HDDs