Degreasing Features:

  • Liquid CO2 penetrates small crevices;
  • Successful in various cleaning geometries;
  • Dry – waterless cleaning – no external drying required;
  • Batch cleaning process for multiple parts in a single load;
  • Cleaning adjuncts: additives, ultrasonics, centrifugation, jets;
  • Liquid CO2 used for degreasing is distilled and reused for subsequent loads.

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Degreasing using liquid CO2 combines unique centrifugal dry washing and rinsing processes in a tunable cleaning system. Using specially formulated additives combined with recycled carbon dioxide, our innovative CO2 cleaning solutions are capable of cleaning various tools and parts. What makes our liquid CO2 cleaning systems special is the low surface tension and high solvent power. Liquid CO2 exhibits low surface tension and is very effective at penetrating complex substrate geometries. CO2 is also an excellent drying or rinsing agent with high solvent power for more powerful washing. Lastly, CO2 may be used to modify additives or solvents to produce a stronger cleaning agent, which exhibits the same lower viscosity and surface tension, without compromising the solvent cleaning power of the system.

The closed loop system recovers CO2 process fluids automatically using an integrated fluids management and recycling subsystem. A rinse recovery system continuously recycles solvent to remove residual additive and contaminant build-up, which is discharged periodically from the system. The recovered CO2 is transferred into a holding tank for reuse in additional cleaning cycles, capturing up to 95% of the CO2. Systems can be optionally equipped with ultrasonics, jets, and a wide variety of process sensors to monitor the cleaning process. Find out how our environmental solutions can assist in your challenging degreasing applications.