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Manufacturing and the Great Recession

November 30, 2017

Manufacturing is alive and prospering! After surviving the Great Recession, manufacturers are finding new ways to bounce back from the challenges of a relatively slow-growth economy. A panel of professionals from different industries came together to share their experiences when dealing with the recession and how it affected their respective businesses.

The event comprised of a long discussion featuring corporate culture, labor, the rise of robots, as well as corporate growth initiatives, R&D goals, smart innovations and ways to mitigate risk in the months ahead and year ahead. The panel of business professionals fielded questions from the audience to gain insight into business during the Great Recession, while sharing their experiences. Midway thru the event, the audience was engaged with a few real-world problems. Each table was tasked with finding a solution to the problem, based on what was discussed during the panel. Splitting up the room not only involved audience participation, but it forced conversation among tables that resulted in networking.

Overall a lot was learned, and the panelists had fun digging at each other to garner thoughtful discussion. There was no holding back! Continue reading to learn why Cool Clean Technologies’ founder was invited to be on the panel and other highlights gathered from the event. Enjoy!

2017 Panelists
Eric Gibson, President, Ultra Machining Company
Tom Schabel, CEO, Alexandria Industries
Joan Schatz, Co-President, Park Industries
Jon Wikstrom, President & CEO, Cool Clean Technologies


Automated CO2 Spray Cleaning of Automotive Parts

April 6, 2017

CO2 spray technology offers unique particle and organic residue removal benefits.
Requirements of component cleanliness are constantly increasing and the automotive industry is no stranger to these stringent guidelines. Improper cleaning can lead to expensive rejects, labor intensive re-work, and restrictions in functionality. High level standards for cleanliness of components in the automotive industry has introduced new alternatives to improve the cleaning process for pretreatments, finishes, varnishes, and coatings.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) based spray technologies have been successfully implemented to meet these requirements, along with other precision cleaning and surface preparation applications. CO2 spray cleaning is a waterless solution adaptable to various shapes and sizes of parts, including, but not limited to bumpers, dashboards, head lamps, spoilers, and other interior and exterior parts.

CO2 Spray Nozzle Configuration

A close-up of a CO2 spray nozzle configuration

CO2 spray cleaning uses solid CO2 particles, or dry ice, to remove particulate matter and organic material from critical surfaces.The CO2 particles mix with a heated and pressure-regulated inert propellant to form a non-condensing mixture. This integrated spray allows for both controllable spray composition (particle size and density) and energy. […]

A New Look for the New Year! Cool Clean Redesigns Website for Enhanced Experience of CO2 Technology

March 1, 2016

Cool Clean Technologies officially kicked off 2016 by doing an overhaul on the current website. As the market for CO2 expands, more people are interested to know how this innovative technology will play a factor in manufacturing applications. Being a leader in CO2 technology solutions, Cool Clean has stepped up to make the information relevant and industry specific. Improvements in content, pictures, videos, and overall layout will make it easier for interested visitors to enhance their education on CO2 technology. This blog will describe the reason behind the new layout, introduce the “Solutions” tab, and explain the adjustments to the “Industries” tab. After reading, please make sure to check out the new layout and let us know what you think!


Business & Government Come Together to Put Recycled Carbon Dioxide to Good Use

July 30, 2015

PartnersThere’s a lot to be said for carbon dioxide. CO2 is one of the most abundant chemicals on the planet and yet it’s the least understood. This is due to the negative associations it has with climate change.

Over the decades, we’ve come up with terms like “carbon tax” and “carbon footprint,” which may have you convinced the compound is public enemy No. 1. While it may be true that much of the recent changes in our climate is due to an increase in industrial CO2, that doesn’t mean the gas can’t also be used in a way that has a positive impact on the planet.


5 Ways Robotics Dramatically Improves Your Manufacturing Processes

July 28, 2015

Capitalism begs for improved efficiency and productivity. As the race to produce better products at more efficient rates heats up, more and more manufacturers are turning to robots to drive the next wave of manufacturing.

Companies from around the world are utilizing robotics to improve their manufacturing processes right now, and here are the benefits:

1.  Predictable Production

Robotic manufacturing units are everywhere from an assembly line of cars to material handling and packaging. Even Apple supplier Foxconn is planning to reduce human labor and increase robotic manufacturing by bringing online a million units in their factories in the next few years. […]

Come See Cool Clean Technologies speak at the CCMPP Workshop July 29-31, 2015

July 21, 2015

NasaCool Clean is proud to have been invited by NASA to participate in an upcoming event at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt in Maryland as part of the Mechanical Systems Division, specifically the Contamination and Coatings Engineering Branch.

NASA Contamination and Coatings Engineering Branch

This branch of NASA supports projects with a cleanliness and coatings program that allows the science community to accurately obtain scientific measurements required for mission success. The focus is on preventing spacecraft performance degradation and promoting development of new technologies. […]

Which CO2 Spray Module Is Right For You?

June 29, 2015

Complex, delicate and challenging cleaning requires specialized tools. One such tool Cool Clean has developed is the CO2 precision cleaning line.

Integrated spray cleaning systems such as these use carbon dioxide in a solid state. The CO2 can be used to clear the surface of contaminants and prepare them for the next step in the manufacturing process. Micro particles, light oils, and dust are all cleared away with the help of this remarkable tool, all without leaving behind any residue or condensation.

Integrated spray cleaners do not come in a one-size-fits-all version. Rather, because of the complexity and variety of the surfaces these tools can be used on, we’ve designed a number of different spray modules to suit your needs. In order to find the module that will work best for you, it is essential to understand each design option.


4 Things Cool Clean Technologies is Doing to Make the World a Better Place

June 17, 2015

After several years working in both civilian and military careers, Jon Wikstrom decided it was time to use his experience to change the world.

He had been working on a relatively unknown technology and believed in its potential enough to quit his career and launch something new.  His goal was to develop this innovative technology and make it available to forward-thinking companies who wanted to go green and improve the efficiency of their operations in one fell swoop.

The company he founded in 2001 in Eagan, Minnesota, was called Cool Clean Technologies and the revolutionary products it sought to bring to market were all based on harnessing the power of carbon dioxide in ways that would help businesses in a wide variety of industries to save money and time.

14 years later, Cool Clean is proud to be doing just that.  We’re both honored and humbled to be able to say that we are, indeed, making the world a better place and here’s how…


CO2 Cleaning on Optical Surfaces, Lenses, and Scopes

May 29, 2015

Optics 1One of the best things about our CO2  cleaning systems is the fact that it has a wide range of applications in industries ranging from aeronautics to jewelry to electronics – we can build custom systems that are perfectly suited to each industry.

But one of the more unique and innovative applications is that of our CO2  based atmospheric spray system for treating optical surfaces, where we combine our CO2  spray cleaning with an atmospheric plasma tool. To get a better understanding of this system, we must learn what makes CO2  cleaning and atmospheric plasma successful, and why that led to combining the treatments.


Liquid Carbon Dioxide for Selective Extraction

May 15, 2015

Carbon dioxide is one of the most abundant gases in our universe. We are creating tons of it on our planet, there are dry ice caps on Mars and even Venus has a carbon rich layer. But for all its abundance, it is still not very well understood by the general public. It isn’t even fully utilized in industrial applications.

For example, many in the business community would have no idea that CO2 can be put into a liquid state and that this liquid can be a very eco-friendly and efficient way to get rid of contaminants.

While most of us know that carbon dioxide behaves like a gas at normal temperature and pressure, and some of us may understand that if we freeze the gas it forms dry ice, not many know […]