CO2 supply and installation of Cool Clean Technologies products is streamlined to simplify the process between the gas supplier and customer responsibilities. This is done by using two supply options, gas or liquid CO2 supply. Finding out which supply option is right for your operation depends on how much CO2 you will need to use. Pictured is the gas CO2 setup, using either a bulk tank or dewar. An important note is that the gas CO2 comes off the bulk tank at 250-300 PSI and needs to be run through the AMP, a pneumatic gas booster, which boosts the pressure of the CO2 up to 850-900 PSI. The newly boosted gas CO2 is sent to the Cool Clean system where it becomes condensed into a liquid. There the CO2 is forced out of the nozzle as solid snow particles for cleaning and cooling applications. The only requirements the customer needs to be responsible for are the electrical and compressed air utilities.

CO2 Supply using Gaseous Carbon Dioxide Requirements
CO2 Supply using High Pressure Cylinders

Outside of using a gas CO2 setup, the other option is a liquid CO2 supply using high pressure bottles. There is no need for the AMP gas boosting system as the cylinder is at the required pressure. The Cool Clean system connects directly to the CO2 cylinder using the bottle connection kit pictured. The bottle connection kit, which has a pressure gauge for measuring CO2 output pressure and a safety relief valve, is standard for all bottle connections. An important thing to note is that the liquid CO2 must have a siphon or dip tube. This enables the liquid CO2 to be drawn out of the cylinder before it is used by our portable cleaning and cooling systems. The easiest way to find out if your cylinder has a siphon tube is by checking the color around the top of the cylinder. If it is a different color then the rest of the cylinder, a siphon tube is present.  One negative to using the liquid supply method is that 5-10% of the CO2 by weight is unusable, being that only gas remains in the cylinder.

Linde is teaming up with Cool Clean to offer Cool Clean customers compressed gas and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) in a variety of purities, concentrations, and quantities. Linde has strategically located production facilities, allowing gases to be delivered when needed. Whether customers are looking for a single cylinder or multiple tons per day, Linde can help. 

Linde is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company that lives by their mission of making our world more productive, providing high-quality technologies and services. As an industrial gas supplier, Linde specializes in the production, delivery, and storage of industrial gases.