Why CO2 Cleaning?

Cool Clean Technologies provides precision CO2 cleaning that utilizes recycled carbon dioxide. Recycled CO2 is an excellent cleaning media for the removal of contaminants, such as solvents, oils, particulate matter, coolant, dust and more from a variety of substrates and devices.

Cool Clean Technologies is the global leader of CObased precision cleaning systems in Medical, Aerospace, Semi-Conductor, Dental, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Industrial Micro-Electronics, Fiber Optics, Solar Energy, Jewelry and Garment industries.

As technology has advanced, performance requirements and complexity of precision instruments has increased. Cool Clean has stayed ahead of this curve by continually providing state-of-the-art dry ice, or snow cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and eliminate the use of deionized water, chemicals, and waste agents.

Our precision CO2 cleaning equipment is typically placed directly into the manufacturing lines of semiconductor wafers, sensitive media, displays, automotive parts, fiber optic components, medical devices, optics, and much more.

Cool Clean has precision cleaning systems operating in over 20 countries and some of the most challenging applications in the world. In several industries, our CO2 cleaning technology is processing nearly the entire global demand of certain high volume products.

Is CO2 cleaning the right fit for your company?

Check out the many ways that CO2 has been introduced into the toughest cleaning applications.