The ChilAire™ Fuse coolant external delivery system provides powerful cooling and chip extraction for external cooling applications in grinding, turning, drilling, stamping, and milling. Especially benefiting operations that must run “dry”.

Testing done in cooperation with the National Science Foundation has proven that the ChilAire™ Fuse is effective on many different materials that are widely used in aerospace, medical and transportation manufacturing.

The ChilAire™ Fuse may be integrated directly into new or existing machining equipment and processes to provide cool, clean lubrication for the most challenging machining applications.

The ChilAire™ Fuse utilizes individual M-Code control for each of the four coolant nozzles, allowing for different nozzle locations and turning on/off capabilities.

ChilAire™ Fuse System Benefits:

  • Superior Heat Removal
  • Higher Feed Rates
  • Increased Tool Life
  • Better Part Finish
  • No Fluid Waste
  • No Misting or Fogging
  • No Staining
ChilAire™ Aero
ChilAire™ Lite