The ChilAire™ Aero by Cool Clean Technologies provides powerful through tool CO2 cooling for milling, turning, and drilling applications. The way it works, is the ChilAire™ system uses recycled CO2 and delivers a controlled spray mixture of solid carbon dioxide particles and CO2 gas to offset the heat generated during the machining process. CO2 cooling outperforms cold air guns in operations which must be machined dry.

The ChilAire™ CO2 coolant is delivered through the spindle or tool and generates a working pressure that provides effective chip extraction for precision machining applications for various materials such as:

  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • High Nickel Alloys (e.g. Inconel, Hastalloy)
  • Composites (e.g. CFRP, MMC, etc.)
  • Plastics (e.g. Teflon, Peek, etc.)

The ChilAire™ Aero features an optional lubrication system (pictured right) for MQL applications, including a refillable reservoir with oil-level gauge, and setting switch to fill/drain port.

The ChilAire™ Aero is easily integrated into remote machine control with a front mounted connector for cable integration with assembly or machine tool controller (PROFIBUS, M-Code).

Standardized tests performed by a nationally recognized laboratory with support of the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), have demonstrated that the ChilAire™ Aero outperforms conventional petroleum-based emulsion coolant processes in terms of both uniform tool wear and cutting force.

Specialty tool coatings have been shown to last up to two times longer when using CO2 cooling compared to dry machining, allowing for greater cutting capabilities. ChilAire™ Aero most importantly provides these benefits while eliminating messy coolant.

ChilAire™ Aero Benefits:

  • Through Tool Capability
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Better Surface Finish
  • No Staining
  • Superior Heat Removal
  • Higher Feed Rates
  • No Fluid Waste
  • Optional Lubrication System

How does through spindle cooling work?

The ChilAire Aero uses an Endbox to control the CO2 prior to entering the spindle. The ChilAire Aero receives the gaseous or high pressure liquid CO2 from a source (pictured is a bulk tank or dewar). From there, the CO2 enters the Amp, which is essentially a CO2 pressure boosting device (not needed if you are running from high pressure cylinders). The CO2 is relatively low pressure before entering the Amp, only around 300 psi (20 bar). The Amp boosts the CO2 pressure to a desired 900 psi (62 bar), so that the CO2 can be refrigerated and changed from a gas into a liquid. The high pressure gas travels shortly to the Aero system, where the gas condenses to a liquid and becomes refrigerated to remain cool. The Aero transfers the liquid CO2 to the Endbox, which controls the air valves and spindle pressure. The Endbox is the most important piece of equipment, as it acts as a CO2 supply control and check valve for both the liquid CO2 and Assist Gas. Lastly, the liquid CO2 is sent through a capillary tube to the rotary union, to reduce CO2 leaks. As the CO2 exits the capillary into the spindle, the liquid CO2 crystallizes into solid particles, or dry ice, and blasted out the coolant ports towards the machining operation. The Endbox provides the safety signals indicating no CO2 pressure is present in the CNC spindle, and an operator may access the part safely. Keep in mind there are no residues or additional post-cleaning steps needed after machining using CO2 cooling.

ChilAire™ Fuse
ChilAire™ Lite