Cool Clean Technologies provides high quality, fully automated CO2 extraction equipment for various oil extraction applications, including hemp and other botanical materials. We provide a full range of botanical oil extraction equipment from small scale to industrial scale. Cool Clean’s systems are efficient and cost effective compared to other supercritical CO2 extraction equipment available on the market.

Other Oil Extraction Examples:

  • Natural Flavoring – Vanilla, Spices

  • Decaffeination – Coffee Bean, Tea

  • Botanical Fragrance Oils

  • Tobacco Extracts- Nicotine Oil

  • Plant Extracts – Oils and Waxes

  • Hemp CBD Oils (Click for more info)

  • Nutraceutical Oils – Omega 3

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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment for Botanical Oil Extraction Botanical Oil Extraction using Environmentally Friendly CO2

Equipment Features

  • Standard systems from 20 to 500 liters
  • Industrial systems with customer specified production rates
  • Full automation for user friendly operation and precision conditioning
  • High efficiency design for fast oil extraction rates and minimal power usage
  • Easy-to-load product handling technology
  • Fractionation capabilities
  • Increased throughput for daily operation

Product Advantages

  • Reliable equipment capable of 24-hour operation with minimal maintenance
  • Compartmentalized equipment components for quick and easy maintenance
  • High efficiency heat exchangers for minimal power usage
  • Proprietary liquid CO2 compression technology increases rate of extracted oils
  • Cost effective – best value for the money
  • Separation process for extracted oils results in minimal handling