Manufacturing in the automotive sector presents many challenges. Government regulations on processes and reducing emissions have become main concerns. Therefore, manufacturers and suppliers privy to the industry have been seeking out new solutions.

A particular area of interest in the automotive industry is pre-treatment prior to painting and coating. Assembly of automobiles has changed since consumers want customization. The painting of parts for specific makes and models requires a clean process for top coat and paint lines. An acceptable cleaning method for pre-treatment, according to BMW’s cleaning specification, includes automatic cleaning with CO2 dry cleaning, or snow cleaning. Manual cleaning methods are discouraged as they do not represent a reproducible process and wiping of parts is inconsistent and lacks process safety. CO2 cleaning is effective in surface preparation by automating the process, thus maintaining consistent cleaning with 100% coverage. The key goal during the cleaning process is particle removal. CO2 excels at being able to remove loose particles on the surface that may be missed by a manual wipe down or air blow off. Residues found in automotive paint lines include particulate matter, dust, debris, mold release agents, fingerprints, and oils. CO2 spray residue removal eliminates all the contaminants leaving the surface clean and dry.

Taking it one step further is the inspection of the parts. Pre-inspection cleaning is the last step before the part is shipped to the manufacturer. The importance of removing the light machining oils from the part is crucial and our CO2 cleaning systems provide the necessary cleaning without the large footprint of other cleaning systems.