Cool Clean is the Leader in CO2 Technology

Cool Clean Technologies designs and manufactures CO2 based technologies for a wide range of applications.  Cool Clean was founded in 2001 and established headquarters in Eagan, MN. Cool Clean’s products use CO2 in all phases for cleaning, surface preparation, machine tool cooling, and CO2 extraction.

The Cool Clean team has developed and marketed a variety of CO2 cleaning and cooling technologies, with installations worldwide.

Today, Cool Clean’s CO2 technology is used in many industries such as automotive paint pretreatment, hard disk drive, medical device manufacturing, aerospace, and electronics component manufacturing.

Mission Statement: To apply our innovative COtechnologies to complex precision cleaning, extraction & cooling applications in order to improve productivity, quality & safety in an environmentally friendly way.

Our processes have four important attributes:

Processes utilizing CO2 are waterless and leave behind no residue. Parts removed from the system come out clean and dry.
CO2 technology doesn’t produce any byproducts (spent solvents, rinse water, coolants). No waste disposal required.
Processes are frequently far more energy efficient than conventional alternatives.
Reduces environmental waste at the source by modifying the production process. All processes use recycled CO2 and therefore doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gases.

What about the CO2?

Cool Clean’s products and processes use recycled CO2, which is obtained by capturing CO2 that is produced as a byproduct of natural and industrial processes.  The recycled CO2 effectively replaces industrial processing agents such as solvents, aqueous treatments, and machining coolants. Replacing these processes conserves natural and human resources such as water, oil, energy, capital, and labor.

Producing, transporting, and consuming less of these processing agents eliminates environmental pollution and waste byproducts such as solid and liquid wastes (e.g., filters, sludge, wastewater, spent oils, coolants), volatile organic compounds, and greenhouse gases.

Jon Wikstrom, CEO, Cool Clean Technologies

Jon Wikstrom, President & CEO

Mark Dubanoski, VP of Operations, Cool Clean Technologies

Mark Dubanoski, Operations

Dr. Nelson Sorbo, VP of Research and Development, Cool Clean Technologies

Nelson W. Sorbo, Ph.D., R&D

Jon Turner, VP of Engineering, Cool Clean Technologies

Jon Turner, Engineering