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Manufacturing and the Great Recession

November 30, 2017

Manufacturing is alive and prospering! After surviving the Great Recession, manufacturers are finding new ways to bounce back from the challenges of a relatively slow-growth economy. A panel of professionals from different industries came together to share their experiences when dealing with the recession and how it affected their respective businesses.

The event comprised of a long discussion featuring corporate culture, labor, the rise of robots, as well as corporate growth initiatives, R&D goals, smart innovations and ways to mitigate risk in the months ahead and year ahead. The panel of business professionals fielded questions from the audience to gain insight into business during the Great Recession, while sharing their experiences. Midway thru the event, the audience was engaged with a few real-world problems. Each table was tasked with finding a solution to the problem, based on what was discussed during the panel. Splitting up the room not only involved audience participation, but it forced conversation among tables that resulted in networking.

Overall a lot was learned, and the panelists had fun digging at each other to garner thoughtful discussion. There was no holding back! Continue reading to learn why Cool Clean Technologies’ founder was invited to be on the panel and other highlights gathered from the event. Enjoy!

2017 Panelists
Eric Gibson, President, Ultra Machining Company
Tom Schabel, CEO, Alexandria Industries
Joan Schatz, Co-President, Park Industries
Jon Wikstrom, President & CEO, Cool Clean Technologies