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Automated CO2 Spray Cleaning of Automotive Parts

April 6, 2017

CO2 spray technology offers unique particle and organic residue removal benefits.
Requirements of component cleanliness are constantly increasing and the automotive industry is no stranger to these stringent guidelines. Improper cleaning can lead to expensive rejects, labor intensive re-work, and restrictions in functionality. High level standards for cleanliness of components in the automotive industry has introduced new alternatives to improve the cleaning process for pretreatments, finishes, varnishes, and coatings.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) based spray technologies have been successfully implemented to meet these requirements, along with other precision cleaning and surface preparation applications. CO2 spray cleaning is a waterless solution adaptable to various shapes and sizes of parts, including, but not limited to bumpers, dashboards, head lamps, spoilers, and other interior and exterior parts.

CO2 Spray Nozzle Configuration

A close-up of a CO2 spray nozzle configuration

CO2 spray cleaning uses solid CO2 particles, or dry ice, to remove particulate matter and organic material from critical surfaces.The CO2 particles mix with a heated and pressure-regulated inert propellant to form a non-condensing mixture. This integrated spray allows for both controllable spray composition (particle size and density) and energy. […]