Capitalism begs for improved efficiency and productivity. As the race to produce better products at more efficient rates heats up, more and more manufacturers are turning to robots to drive the next wave of manufacturing.

Companies from around the world are utilizing robotics to improve their manufacturing processes right now, and here are the benefits:

1.  Predictable Production

Robotic manufacturing units are everywhere from an assembly line of cars to material handling and packaging. Even Apple supplier Foxconn is planning to reduce human labor and increase robotic manufacturing by bringing online a million units in their factories in the next few years.

Robotics in factories is nothing new and it’s been proven that this technology is predictable and stable over the long term. Assembly and installation is just as easy as getting any other piece of machinery set up, and it is also easy to operate once the staff have been trained adequately.

2.  Flexibility

As the technology becomes easier to use, the companies behind robotics continue to make the models more modular to allow for flexibility. Miniaturization has reduced the amount of space required for a sophisticated machine. Here at Cool Clean, our dry ice cleaning systems can be uniquely customized to fit the desired parameters of the specific company.

3.  Better Quality

Studies have shown that robotic manufacturing units can greatly reduce errors and increase productivity within a factory. Some companies have seen improvements of close to 95% with manufacturing automation. The costs of a new unit are quickly paid off by the added quality and reliability of the products produced on a regular basis.

4.  Improving the Work environment

As the robots improve, the number of people required to do menial jobs will be greatly reduced. At current levels of record low employment in most countries, companies are seeking to maximize productivity by investing in robotics. Workers who currently work the line can take up jobs supervising the robots as they go about the work much faster. Plus the added safety at work will add to a better work environment for everyone.

5.  Precision

4 Nozzle CO2 Spray ConfigurationPerhaps the biggest advantage of robotic manufacturing is the added precision. A robot with 6-axis of motion can offer the sort of dexterity the human arm simply cannot. This added dexterity has helped achieve precision for complex applications improving greatly on accuracy difficult to reach with harder tasks.

Cool Clean’s CO2, or carbon dioxide, cleaning systems, for example, use robotic arms fixed with an array of spray nozzles clean parts quickly and reducing human touch. Robotic systems have been used to clean optical surfaces, lenses, plastic parts, semiconductors, and electronics. With this CO2 cleaning technology, particles as small as 0.3 microns can be blown off delicate surfaces without leaving behind any residue.

With the costs of automation dropping and the need for better manufacturing processes increasing in a more competitive business environment, companies can be expected to invest more in robotics in the coming years.

Get in touch with our expert robotics engineers today to see how automated CO2 cleaning systems can be customized to make your operations more efficient and reliable.