Complex, delicate and challenging cleaning requires specialized tools. One such tool Cool Clean has developed is the CO2 precision cleaning line.

Integrated spray cleaning systems such as these use carbon dioxide in a solid state. The CO2 can be used to clear the surface of contaminants and prepare them for the next step in the manufacturing process. Micro particles, light oils, and dust are all cleared away with the help of this remarkable tool, all without leaving behind any residue or condensation.

Integrated spray cleaners do not come in a one-size-fits-all version. Rather, because of the complexity and variety of the surfaces these tools can be used on, we’ve designed a number of different spray modules to suit your needs. In order to find the module that will work best for you, it is essential to understand each design option.

Omega™ 3000

The Omega™ 3000 is the most basic cleaning module. It only runs on two channels, but supports up to four nozzles. This module can easily integrate into any cleaning process. For maximum efficiency, more nozzles make it much easier to clean at different locations and at different angles.

Easy to retrofit onto existing automation lines, this module was built for versatility. Even the installation process is streamlined – there is just one single I/O connector on the rear that needs to be plugged in before use. Additionally it can be fixed with a parking garage – Cool Clean’s add-on for measuring optimum temperature and spray parameters.

The Omega™ 3000 is very flexible and cost effective, which makes it perfect for preexisting production lines, currently featured in cleaning for automotive lines prior to painting and coating.

Omega™ 4000

Omega 4000The Standard Omega™ cleaning module is the 4000. This workhorse runs on two or four channels, connecting up to 4 nozzles, for a thorough cleaning of any surface with CO2 integrated spray.

Particles on various surfaces can be successfully and efficiently removed by simply blasting crystals of CO2. Liquid CO2, which is a residue-free solvent, can remove even the thinnest layer of contamination from the surfaces being worked on.

Configures with automation end effectors and uses remote communication for monitoring system parameters. The Omega™ 4000 comes in either a powder coated enclosure or stainless steel option.

Omega™ 5000/7000 – MobileClean™ and Refill Station

As the name suggests, this module allows you to take the cleaning where it’s needed most. The MobileClean™ and refill station allows for cleaning that is both selective and powerful at the same time.

Also called the Omega™ 5000/7000, this powerful tool allows for adjustments to the impact velocity and hardness of the CO2 crystals ejected from the spray. It is a simple plug and use, wand shaped spray that also comes with a HEPA filter. Refill station enables a supply of liquid CO2  to be at hand while engaging in the cleaning operation.

Omega™ 8000

Mod 3The expert module of COcleaning is the Omega™ 8000. Similar to the other modules, it converts liquid CO2 into a solid before spraying it out for precision cleaning. Designed to operate with four nozzles, each individually monitored and controlled.

The Omega™ 8000 filters and condenses CO2  and adjusts the spray conditions for optimal efficiency during use. It’s sleek, stainless steel body ensures the module is ultra-durable. Lastly, it can be configured with SmartSpray™, a program that automatically adjusts the spray to optimum user defined spray conditions. The system can be a standalone cleaning unit or operate on turn-key for automation.

Picking a module from any of these four modules depends on the intended use. Each system offers different features that with their own unique set of advantages.  If you’d like to learn more, give us a call or drop us a line – we’ll take the time to learn all about your specific needs so we can recommend the CO2 cleaning spray module that’s right for you.