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CO2 Cleaning on Optical Surfaces, Lenses, and Scopes

May 29, 2015

Optics 1One of the best things about our CO2  cleaning systems is the fact that it has a wide range of applications in industries ranging from aeronautics to jewelry to electronics – we can build custom systems that are perfectly suited to each industry.

But one of the more unique and innovative applications is that of our CO2  based atmospheric spray system for treating optical surfaces, where we combine our CO2  spray cleaning with an atmospheric plasma tool. To get a better understanding of this system, we must learn what makes CO2  cleaning and atmospheric plasma successful, and why that led to combining the treatments.


Liquid Carbon Dioxide for Selective Extraction

May 15, 2015

Carbon dioxide is one of the most abundant gases in our universe. We are creating tons of it on our planet, there are dry ice caps on Mars and even Venus has a carbon rich layer. But for all its abundance, it is still not very well understood by the general public. It isn’t even fully utilized in industrial applications.

For example, many in the business community would have no idea that CO2 can be put into a liquid state and that this liquid can be a very eco-friendly and efficient way to get rid of contaminants.

While most of us know that carbon dioxide behaves like a gas at normal temperature and pressure, and some of us may understand that if we freeze the gas it forms dry ice, not many know […]