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Q&A with Cool Clean VP, Dr. Nelson Sorbo

April 30, 2015

We sat down with Dr. Nelson Sorbo, Vice President of Research & Development at Cool Clean Technologies, LLC to discuss his presentation at PMTS/PCx 2015.

At the technology show, he gave a twenty-five minute featured presentation on CO₂ technology, how it works, the process applications it has improved, and how it has been changing the future of traditional cleaning.  He also showed brief video demonstrations of cleaning and answered questions at the end of the presentation.

We asked him a few questions and had him share his experience.


The Evolution of CO2 in Manufacturing

April 20, 2015

You’ve probably first heard of carbon dioxide in a classroom studying elementary chemistry. The colorless, odorless gas is not only the most important element for all plant life on earth, but also one of most ubiquitous.

The Earth’s atmosphere is made up oCo2 leaff a tiny portion, about 0.04% to be exact, of the gas and yet CO2 has helped many industries find plenty of ways to use it. But that is getting ahead of us, because it was the beginning that paved the way for CO2 and the success it has brought to applications today.