Innovations redefine industries in the most dramatic way possible. The next big thing could fundamentally change the way business is conducted in any industry, and that is why it is essential for companies to focus on innovation to stay ahead of the game.

Innovation, though, does not come cheap. Companies around the world involved in a variety of different businesses are beginning to realize the scale of investments needed to develop new technologies and drive future growth.

The amount of money spent on Research & Development has risen substantially over the years, but this has done nothing to mitigate the risk of failure involved in seeking innovations. Many projects undertaken by companies’ R&D departments are doomed to fail and this makes innovating new technologies less economically viable.

But a research center in Virginia seeks to change all that. The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) is a research center that pools together the resources of different corporations and universities to bridge the gap between researching ideas and developing products. Their aim is to work with top-notch universities and manufacturing companies to mitigate the risk of carrying out R&D to develop useful products and technologies.

CCAM Members

CCAM’s members include industry heavyweights such as NASA, Alcoa, Airbus, Canon, Rolls-Royce and Siemens and have over twenty current members. The center is also supported by funds and students from Virginia academic institutions like Virginia State University, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Old Dominion University and University of Virginia.

The various members of the center approve research topics and commit funds to the studies. The results of these research endeavors are shared with all the members equally once completed. This allows all members to capitalize on their investments and share in the benefits of the major breakthroughs.

CCAM Partners

Research at the center is also carried out with the help of certain corporate partners called affiliates. Affiliates offer their products and services to aid research at the center and are offered several benefits in return.

At Cool Clean Technologies, we’re proud to be one of these affiliates.  Our technology is used in a variety of different industries such as manufacturing, solar power, fuel, fiber optics, aviation and many more. Industries that require eco-friendly and highly sophisticated cleaning solutions, often for complex and sensitive devices, use our CO2 cleaning systems. This makes the technology useful in research projects carried out at the CCAM center. Cool Clean plays a key role in many such projects as a dedicated affiliate to the program.

Advanced Research

All research is carried out at a 62,000 square-feet high tech facility located in Prince George County, Virginia. The center has engineering and computer research labs as well as industry grade equipment and high-bay production space.

The research carried out at CCAM is either generic or targeted research. Center members come together to request research on specific areas related to their fields and address the specific needs of the individual members. The members can utilize the resources they have been granted access to by this program and use it to their own advantage.

They also have access to more general research done within the center, which addresses the needs of a large spectrum of member industries. The topics covered by the general research include additive manufacturing, welding, machining technology, manufacturing systems and surface engineering. This research is funded by the members and the work done is focused on providing the most benefit to as many members as possible, all of whom have free access to all research findings.

CCAM members not only have the advantage of royalty-free and non-exclusive licenses for technologies developed here, but also access to a number of local students who work on the projects. Companies are allowed to interact and train young minds that will run the businesses of tomorrow.

As companies around the nation tighten their belts and reduce R&D budgets, collaborative research centers such as CCAM, allow for the development of new ideas and techniques with minimal risk.  It is one of the most effective solutions for the wide gap between fundamental research and marketable products that has existed for decades. New developments in manufacturing technology can be propelled from the research stage to full commercialization much quicker with the help of this consortium.

With its access to funds, resources and infrastructure provided by local institutions and national corporations, CCAM has the potential to deliver the next game changing technology in the manufacturing industry and we’re honored to play a part in that. Learn more at