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Prime Production & Rework Cleaning of HDD Components

January 21, 2015

The data storage industry has evolved leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Hard disk drives (HDD’s) have become increasingly capable of storing more data than ever before.

Linear based assembly for CO2 cleaning

Linear-based automated CO2 cleaning system

Developed by IBM in the year 1956, the average HDD has shrunk in volume by a factor of 15,000 and has increased in storage capacity by a factor of two million. The worldwide data storage component manufacturing industry is now worth an estimated $32 billion.


Unique CO2 Delivery Program Has Got You Covered

January 5, 2015

Cool Clean Technologies, LLC provides manufacturers with a very unique solution converting recycled CO2 for cleaning, machine cooling, and/or extraction purposes. In order to ease the transition with a new customer, Cool Clean Technologies offers a “Tool-To-Tank” CO2 delivery program (example diagram is pictured below).

What Is Tool-To-Tank?

Since all of our processes require a CO2 source, we created a bundled package called Tool-To-Tank to help supply the necessary […]