Cool Clean Technologies has recently become a member of the directory of business associates of the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM). Situated in Prince George County, CCAM is a collaborative research hub involved with manufacturing organizations and Virginia’s research schools. A primary aim of CCAM is to improve the transfer of research development and advancement to professional, production-line purposes.

Cool Clean Technologies utilizes recycled CO2 to provide precision cleaning, cooling, as well as selective extraction, solutions to manufacturing businesses worldwide. The St Paul-based company’s solutions are made use of in an array of industries, including medical, fiber optics, energy sources, aircraft, solar energy, consumer electronics and other manufacturing industries, and they’ll play essential roles in CCAM research projects.

Two other new business associates of CCAM are: Buehler and GF AgieCharmilles. Present CCAM business members include Chromalloy, Aerojet, Canon Virginia, Mitutoyo America Corp., Newport News Shipbuilding, Rolls-Royce, Sandvik Coromant, Siemens and Sulzer Metco. University associates consist of the University of Virginia, Virginia State University and Virginia Tech.