Omega FLEX CO2 Cleaning for Painting and Coating Applications

Our Applications

Dry. Green. Clean.

Cool Clean specializes in CO2 technology innovations for improving manufacturing processes for a wide range of applications.

Our mission: to apply our innovative CO2 technologies to complex precision cleaning, extraction and cooling applications in order to improve productivity, quality and safety in an environmentally friendly way.

CO2 Spray Cleaning on Automotive Parts

Surface Preparation

Automated and waterless CO2 cleaning solutions for the automotive industry improve surface finish prior to painting, hard coating, and varnishing.

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Supercritical CO2 Extraction for Oils

CO2 Extraction

Supercritical and Dense Phase CO2 extraction equipment for botanical materials, silicone removal, and elastomer outgassing applications.

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Dry Ice Cleaning with CoolMaster by Cool Clean Technologies

Dry Ice Cleaning

Portable, versatile, powerful, yet quiet dry ice cleaning solutions to remove the most difficult contaminants. Ask about our onsite demo program!

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Deburring Plastic Holes with CO2 Before

Plastic Deburring

CO2 blasting cleans and removes burrs from various plastics (PEEK, nylon, etc.) and composites. Deburring is automated to improve efficiency.

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CO2 Cleaning Exterior Automotive Parts Including a Door Handle


Automated CO2 cleaning for critical parts prior to inspection. Quick residue removal of debris, mold release agents, fingerprints, and oils.

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Drilling with CO2 on Aircraft Structures, Wings and Fuselage


Aerospace drilling of CFRP & Ti stackups using CO2 cooling provides an essentially dry process with faster drilling speeds and less tool wear.

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Liquid CO2 Cleaning of Sintered Metal Knee Implants


Medical device manufacturers use CO2 blasting for deburring and cleaning. Liquid CO2 solutions clean various porous implants and complex devices.

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CO2 Cleaning for Particle Removal on Hard Disk Drives and Components


Precision CO2 cleaning and solder flux removal for Electronics, PCB, and HDD applications. Capable of removing particles down to the 0.3 micron level.

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CO2 Cleaning for Particle and Residue Removal of Optics

Optics & Display

Residue free CO2 cleaning is used to remove particulate, light oils, fingerprints, and dust from optics, lens, optical components, and displays.

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