Residue Removal Features:

  • Removes oil/thin film/grime/mold release agents;
  • No touch cleaning;
  • Surface preparation for coating/bonding;
  • Fingerprint removal;
  • Additives used to enhance cleaning performance;
  • High velocity CO2 spray particles.
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CO2 Spray Cleaning Plastic Parts for Residue Removal

CO2 spray cleaning can be combined with selective additives to provide an effective no-touch residue removal cleaning system.  Cool Clean combines precise quantities of specific additives with CO2 to generate an optimally tuned cleaning spray for residues not typically removed with CO2 alone.  The result is a dry, cleaning spray with enhanced cleaning chemistry for difficult to remove residues.  Typical additive concentrations are less than 2000 ppm the mass of the cleaning spray.  Residues removed include but not limited to:

  • Oils;
  • Thin Films;
  • Particulate;
  • Mold Release Agents;
  • Adhesives;
  • Solder Flux.

CO2 cleaning spray can be installed for in-line cleaning tooling, island cleaning stations, or in-tool cleaning applications.