Plastic Deburring Features:

  • High velocity CO2 particles used to deburr precision devices;
  • Inner and outer burr removal up to 99%;
  • Deburring can be done in-process or after machining;
  • Replaces X-Acto Knives;
  • Harmless to employees and the environment.
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CO2 plastic deburring is the latest development in CO2 technology. Burr removal using CO2 blasting compliments in-process or post-process deburring of plastic components, such as PEEK. In-process deburring uses a cold CO2 spray of dry ice particles that is used to keep the part cool and brittle during manufacturing. Eliminating burr formation and reducing the size and volume of burrs on the edges of the part. As a post process application, a focused, powerful spray of CO2 particles swiftly removes the tiny hairs, or burrs, from the component. CO2 blasting will replace your tedious, manual deburring process and can be completely automated to improve the burr elimination.

PEEK Plastic Deburring with CO2 Blasting
CO2 Blasting for Plastic Deburring in PEEK Drilled Holes