Hemp oil extraction using CO2 is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to extract CBD oil. Cool Clean Technologies, a global leader in CO2 based technology, most notably, CO2 equipment for hemp oil extraction, has been making systems for CO2 based extractions for over 20 years. Cool Clean develops high capacity, industrial scale Cold CO2 Extraction™ systems that are available for sale, as well as for Sweet Crude™ oil extraction and processing services.

Cool Clean Technologies is pleased to offer our innovative Cold CO2 Extraction™ systems that are used to extract oils from hemp. Our state-of-the-art hemp oil extraction systems utilize an automated “push button” process to provide effective extraction efficiency, easy material loading and unloading, and automatic extract delivery. Cool Clean’s various CO2 extraction systems have been demonstrated to extract a range of cannaboids from industrial hemp. Featuring a large extraction vessel volume, our CO2 extraction equipment makes it ideal for processing 50 to 100+ lbs. of fresh, frozen or dried material.

Cool Clean’s Cold CO2 Extraction™ equipment is unlike other CO2 based supercritical extraction systems, as cold liquid CO2 is put in contact with the plant material, allowing for tunable extraction resulting in sweet crude™ oil product. Furthermore, CO2 process parameters are adjusted to optimize the extraction of favorable products and inhibit extraction of unwanted materials.

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CO2 Extraction Equipment for Hemp Oil Extraction

Equipment Features

  • Extraction Vessel Volume:
    • 450 & 600-liter systems
  • Processing Rates
    • 180 -250 lbs dry material per day (small machine)
    • 300 – 500 lbs dry material per day (big machine)
  • CO2 throughput:
    • Up to 1400 kg/hr
  • Footprint (all systems):
    • Less than 100 sq ft!
  • Facilities Requirements:
    • Electrical: 480 VAC, 3 phase, 50 amp service
    • Chilled water: 40 – 60 ton @ 35F
    • Hot water: 30 gpm @ 180F

Product Advantages

  • Easy to operate “push button” system;
  • Small and large batch processing;
  • Simple material loading & unloading;
  • Little to no post winterization necessary;
  • Low operating costs;
  • 99% CO2 recovery;
  • Automatic dispensing of extract;
  • Retains terpenes;
  • Minimal maintenance.

Click Image for Video Showing Hemp Oil Being Extracted from System

Cool Clean's Hemp Oil CO2 Extraction