Why CO2 Cooling for Dry Machining?

CO2 cooling uses dry ice particles focused in a spray for dry machining operations. Cooling the part and keeping the tool at near ambient temperature for cutting, turning, milling, and drilling processes, helps increase the tool life for the operation. Cool Clean’s ChilAire™ machine coolant delivery system is a completely dry coolant, meaning that it does not use a liquid or flood based coolant. The benefit to using a dry coolant is the cleanliness, as it reduces or eliminates post machining cleaning processes, which makes for a safer and more productive work environment.

ChilAire™ is the product line of our extensive CO2 cooling systems. Systems are capable of either through tool or multiple external cooling nozzles, and can be integrated into CNC machine control.

Our customers will agree that installation and operation of the ChilAire™ machine coolant delivery system is relatively simple and provides the exceptional dry cooling capability that is required for these applications. The ChilAire™ is more cost effective, requires less modifications to the CNC and tooling and has many more installations and a longer history of success when comparing to any other CO2 cooling competitors. The entire product line has CE approval, too.

Many tooling companies as well as machine tool manufacturers are standing behind ChilAire™, further backing up the technology and product.

ChilAire™ CO2 Machine Coolant Systems

ChilAire Fuse External CO2 Cooling System

ChilAire™ Fuse

CO2 Cooling Delivery with Through Tool Capability

ChilAire™ Aero

ChilAire Lite Portable CO2 Cooling System

ChilAire™ Lite